Inventory & Taceability

Keep better track your inventory and its movement, whether by age, class, or size.

Optionally, use RFID tags for quick scanning and identification off assets.

Never forget to perform crucial tasks on your assets or gear. Our platform will display when your oyster lines are ready to be flipped. 

Monitoring & Reporting
Get a real time overview of your products and assets and create custom reports based on your personalized Key Performance Indicators.

WEB Application

The Web Application can be thought of as the Managers App. This is generally viewed from a PC or Laptop. It is full featured, it allows you to view your inventories, view and perform bulk tasks, such as Flipping, Air Drying etc. It also gives you a view of all your oyster lines, Pods and other assets with the current statuses, inventories, grades etc. on each. You can also create customized reports, depending on what Key Indicators you would like to see.


Mobile App

The Mobile Application can be thought of as the Workers App as it allows you to perform actions right when and where they occur, such as on the boat, dock etc. It has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. It does not contain all the features of the Web Application, but just the items that are needed for the workers.