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  • Published by:
    Matt Derry
  • Published on:
    May 4, 2022

Compass Aquaculture Solutions was founded in 2015 when approached by the industry to build a system to solve the existing challenges of managing the processes and inventory of oyster and mussel farms. Here at Compass, we provide a world class Farm Management System, that is always improving.

Today farms are often being managed using ineffective tools such as whiteboards, spreadsheets and in some cases, pen and paper. These methods often result in poor reporting due to missing records, over reporting or incorrect data.  Often inputs are collected while on the water and then must be re-entered into a spreadsheet or filed when on land, which can be inefficient and counterproductive. When using these methods there are no quick and efficient way to see what needs attention on your farm but here at Compass Aquaculture Solutions have solved that with the Buoy Up platform. We have designed Buoy Up from the end user back, to ensure it is what YOU, the farmer, requires.  

With the benefits of added technology, clients can gain efficiency, analyze trends and results while being proactive in managing their farm. By implementing our Farm Management System, You, the farmer, will receive a robust system built to your specific needs, that is paired with hardware designed to withstand harsh environments you can face on the water. Clients can utilize the benefits of an extensive solution, without the upfront cost of development or having to keep an IT professional on staff for support.  

Core Fundamentals of Buoy Up platform:

·       Process Control

·       Monitoring

·       Reporting

·       Productivity

·       Asset Management

·       Traceability


Having Compass’ Buoy Up Farm Management System in place on your farm will add value in a variety of fundamental aspects of your business allowing you, the farmer, to optimize and streamline your operation saving you money in the long run.


If you have any questions about our system, the features available in the system, or Compass in general, do not hesitate to reach out to us -


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