Better Manage your Aqua Farm!

  • Published by:
    Matt Derry
  • Published on:
    March 25, 2022

Implement world class farm management software.

Compass Aquaculture Solutions is a PEI based company that has been enhancing the businesses of oyster farmers since 2015.  We have many Nova Scotia clients and are looking to introduce our “Buoy Up” software to more AANS Members this year.

Buoy Up is all about optimizing farm operations; it allows you to manage your farm from your boat with our mobile application and from your office with the web platform.  Our software will allow you to better manage your assets, whether they be lines, cages, bags or whatever methodology your farm employs, while also managing the inventory that goes along with it. It will also allow you to improve your traceability by tracking batches and grades.  Buoy Up provides a custom grid function; a great way to use the data you’ve collected from your farm over the years. You can filter and export data as you please, which is vital in managing  your farm, dealing with your bank  or preparing reports for governments.

Buoy Up is extremely adaptable and customizable, allowing any sea farmer to easily integrate our system into their operation.

Nova Scotia Sea Farmers have an opportunity to improve the efficiency, traceability and overall day to day activities of their farms with a bit of help from the AANS. The AANS Shellfish Infrastructure Development Program, can help Nova Scotia Sea Farmers in implementing farm management software. It is important to note that this program runs until October 2023!

If you have any questions about our Buoy Up Software or Compass, please don’t hesitate to reach out to -  You can find some virtual farm tutorials that go in depth into some of our features.  Our virtual farm series is something we try and do weekly and can be found on our social media pages, and soon to be on YouTube

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Link to Program: Nova Scotia Infrastructure Program